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“Clarity” Multilayer POF Shrink Film
"Clarity” Multilayer POF Shrink Film are two type       PK5       PKL


A shrink film with superior strength,versatility,machine-ability and Merchandising appeal.
Clarity POF Shrink Film is multi-layer,co-extruded film that combines abuse resistance,even at deep freeze temperature.As a result,it offers maximum protection during storage and distribution combined with excellent product appearance and consumer appeal at point of sale.
The non-corrosive POF film machines well on manual,semiautomatic and fully automatic machines.It is easy to use on a wide range of standard hot air shrink tunnels and is suitable for impulse,constant heat or electrostatic sealing.
Our product is the environmental multi-layer shrink packaging film,which is made with the advance equipment from Europe with modern technology and the environment friendly material from USA and Italy.

Special Feature of our film:-
  • Pick me up presentation:-
    For maximum display appeal,our film has optical qualities superior to all comparable products.The high gloss and soft, smooth finish give the package product a high transparency and clarity and make them the ideal packaging solution.
  • Though all-round protection:-
    Despite their clarity and easy machine - ability , our display film is exceptionally strong and tough to give package products complete handling protection and abuse-resistance throughout distribution and sales life.
  • Clean seals without any holes:-
    The excellent sealing qualities of the 100 % corrosion - free formulation of our display film ensures really strong and clean seals .Film charring is eliminated and no contamination particles from corrosion can damage or weaken the seals.
  • 100% Non PVC with 100% performance:-
    Our films are made entirely from polylefin.So it eliminates all the usual PVC - related environmental working hazards such as toxic fumes and smoke, as well as practical production line problems like carbon build-up ,corrosion and charring.
  • Low temperature Shrinking:-
    Pharmaceutical grade film ,shrink at lower temp. to protect the material from heat.The shrinking capacity is 70-75%
  • The standard thickness of our product is 13,15,19,25 micron of different size varies from 6" to 26" and we can also avail flat film on advance order.

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