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Continuous Band Sealing Machine
Continuous Band Sealing Machines are four type
  Horizontal Band sealing machine         Vertical Band Sealing Machine
  Heavy Duty Band Sealing machine       Nitrogen Flushing Band sealing machine

 Continuous Band Sealing Machine

Model/ specification Horizontal Vertical Heavy duty (nitrogen with Optional)
Model W-1000 V-1000  
Power Required 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase
Power Consumption 500W 500W 1000W
Sealing speed 10-12 mtr/min    10-12mtr /min  
Sealing width 8-10mm 8-10mm 12-15mm
Machine weight 35kg 40kg 92kg
Pouch size 50-250mm H 50-350mm H (can be adjusted) 50-800mm (can Adjusted )
Machine load 2-3KG 2-3KG 5 Kg

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