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 Chamber Type Shrink Wrapping machine


Seal Dimension 15” X 20” 20” X 30”
Pack dimensions 13” x 18” x 4” (H) 18” x 20” x 5” (H)
Shrink Film material Polyolefin, PP, PVC, Polyolefin, PP, PVC,
Temperature Controller Adjustable up to 400°C Adjustable up to 400°C
Production Rate 4-5 packs / minute 4-5 packs / minute
Power Supply Single Phase, 230V, 50 Hz Three  Phase,440V,
Power Consumption 1.9 KW (Running 1.5Kw) 4  KW (Running 3.5Kw)
Machine dimensions 1300(L) x 700(W) x 900(H) 1800(L) x 800(W) x 900(H)

 L-sealer Tunnel Machine

IMG-20130406-00558    IMG-20130406-00558

Model No APS SA115(Belt Conveyor) ) APS SA1609 (Roller Conveyor)
Seal Dimension 15”x 20” 15” x20”
Pack dimensions 13”(W) x 8”(H) x 18 (L) 13”(W) x 8”(H) x 18 (L)
Speed / minute 8-10 packs. 8-10 packs.
Tunnel Dimensions Opening 14”x9” & 30”length Opening 16”x10” & 36”length
Power Required 230v/10, Single Phase 440v/, Three Phase
Conveyer Type (Tunnel) Silicon quoted Teflon Belt conveyer Roller Belt Conveyer with Silicon Rubble sleeves   
Power Consumption 3 KW (less as compared to other m/c) 5 KW (less as compared to other m/c)
Conveyer Speed Variable Variable
Digital Temperature Controllers 400 C 400 C
Shrink Film material Polyolefin, PP, PVC Polyolefin, PP, PVC
Machine dimensions 2750 (L) x 600(W) x 900(H)  3000x610x1100

 Semi Automatic L-Sealer with PTA(Product Take Away)

IMG-20130406-00551   Model No- SAL- PTA
Seal Dimention – 15”x20”
Megnatic holddown with Additional perforation fecility provided.
Varable speed PTA conveyor
Updated Technology of Top sealing arrangment
Power  single Phase 220V, 15Amp.
Machine size – 1500 x 600 x900mm

 Shrink Tunnel

shrink tunnel, heat shrink tunnel, shrink wrap tunnel      

Model Mini Shrink Tunnel Bundling Shrink Tunnel for LDPE
Capacity APS- SWT149 APS ST 1818For LDPE
Maximum Pack Dimension 1100x431x482 15”(W) x 16”(H) x any
Tunnel Dimensions 6 x 8 Opening 18”x 18” &  48” length with 1feet in & out feed conveyer
Conveyer Speed / minute 10-12 mtr/min 8-10 MTR/ MIN
Power Required Single phase 440v/, Three Phase
Power Consumption 3 KW (less as compared to other m/c) 10 KW (less as compared to other m/c)
Conveyer Type  Roller belt   Variable, 1” SS Roller  
Digital Temperature Controllers Yes Yes
Shrinking zone   High Heating zone, shrinking zone, than cooling Zone for batter finish
Shrink Film material POF & PVC Polyolefin, PP, PVC, LDPE

 Labeling & Sleeving Tunnels

Indigenous Shrink Tunnel                                                             Imported Shrink Tunnel
Model Imported Sleeving Tunnel Customized Indigenous Shrink  SLEEVING Tunnel
Capacity APS- ST1206 APS- ST 1409
Tunnel Opening 12”X6” 14” X9”
Heating zone Tunnel Size 36” (L) x 6” (W) x 12” (H) 50” (L)X9”(W)X14”(H)
Pack dimensions Max- 4” W x 10”H x Length Any MAX 7” W X 12” H
Conveyer Speed / minute 10-15mtr / min 10-15 MTR/ MIN   
Power Required 440v,  Three Phase 4 KW
Power Consumption 5-6  KW 8-10KW
Heater Type Fling heater 1 KW SS Fling Heater 1 Kw each
Insulation around Tunnel Body  Glass wool Insulation around heating zone for safety. 4” Glass wool with Asbestos sheet for excellent insulation & safety purpose  
Machine Dimension    

 Cup sealer

Model CS 65mm CS 80mm CS 95mm CS 123mm
Power Required 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase
Power Consumption 500W 500W 500W 500W
Sealing speed Manual (3-4 cups per min.) Manual (3-4 cups per min.) Manual (3-4 cups per min.) Manual (3-4 cups per min.)
Machine dimensions At acuatl. 500x500x430mm 500x500x430mm 500x500x430mm
Machine weight 35kg 35kg 35kg 35kg

 Automatic cup sealer

Model 95mm 123mm
Power Required 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase
Power Consumption 500W 500W
Sealing speed 20cups/min 20cups/min
Temperature range 0-300 0-300

 Manual Tray Sealer

  100 x140 140 x190 2 Compartment 5Compartment
Model       SA
Power Required 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase
Power Consumption 500W 500W 500W 500W
Sealing speed Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Sealing Dia     2 compartment 5 or 8 Compartment
Temperature range 0-300 0-300 0-300 0-300
Conveyer Loading Capacity     5kg 5kg
Machine dimensions       500x500x430mm
Machine weight       35kg

 Continuous Band Sealing Machine

Model/ specification Horizontal Vertical Heavy duty (nitrogen with Optional)
Model W-1000 V-1000  
Power Required 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase 220v/ -50Hz signal phase
Power Consumption 500W 500W 1000W
Sealing speed 10-12 mtr/min    10-12mtr /min  
Sealing width 8-10mm 8-10mm 12-15mm
Machine weight 35kg 40kg 92kg
Pouch size 50-250mm H 50-350mm H (can be adjusted) 50-800mm (can Adjusted )
Machine load 2-3KG 2-3KG 5 Kg

 Induction sealer
20071229133388448  machine 1

Model Portable Table Type Floor Model
Model FL500 DGYF-1500A LGYF-12
Working Frequency 1KHZ 75-85KHz 75-85KHz
Power Required 220v/ -1Hz 220v/ -50Hz 220v/ -50Hz
Power Consumption 500W 1.5 KW 1.5 KW
Conveyor Speed - Adjustable 10mtrs/ min Adjustable 10-15mtrs/ min
Sealing Diameter 10-100mm 20 -50mm 20-130mm
Bottle Height - Adjustable  from 20- 200mm Adjustable  from 40- 300mm
Machine dimensions 265x270x100mm 1200 x550 x450mm 1500×550×1350
Machine Weight 4 Kg Apx-60 Kg 150 kg
Cooling Systems - 3 cooler fans 3 cooler fans

 Vacuum Pack Machine

SINGLE CHAMBER VACCUM              Dz-500-2sb-Double-Chamber-Vacuum-Packing-Machine
Model 400 DZQ 500 DZQ Double Chamber
Capacity DZ400 DZ500  
Voltage 220V / 50 Hz 220V / 50 Hz  
Total machine power 0.75KW 1 KW  
Lowest Absolute Pressure of Vacuum chamber 1.33Kpa 1.33Kpa  
Volume of vacuum chamber 400x320x100mm 500x420x100mm  
Heat sealing strip 400x10mm 500x10mm  
No. Of heat sealing strip 2 No. 2 No.  
Exhaustment of vacuum pump 20 m3h 20 m3h  
From and material of outer body S.S. with Buffing S.S. with Buffing  
Form and material of vacuum chamber Stainless steel vacuum case Stainless steel vacuum case  
Dimensions of machine (LxWxH) 540 x480x 1010mm 700x 580x1010mm  
Machine weight 110KG 150 KG  

 Model No: EXS-306  -Extend Superior Machine - With power cut switch

http://www.siapack.in/images/semi_auto_SPI316H.gif   SPEED : 2.5 SEC/Strap
POWER SUPPLY :240V., 1-Phase.
MACHINE DIMENSION : 895mm (L) x  565mm (W) x  740mm (H).

 Semi Automatic Pack Way 316L
PW-316H Semi-automatic Strapping Machine
Mechanical Tension Adjustment  Features:
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • 60 sec. auto-stop: electricity-saving
  • Advanced P.C.B control system
  • Super-tight strapping tension
  • Made in Taiwan: Quality assurance

  • Outside tension adjustment
  • Air filter
  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304
  • Caster with brake
Power 1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Strap Width 9, 12, 15 mm (adjustable) (6mm option)
Strapping Tension 15 ~ 50 kgs
Strappping Speed 2.0 sec./strap
Strapping Size Min. : 60 mm, Max. : Any size
Table Height 750 mm
Machine Size L910 x W580 x H750 mm

 Semi Automatic Lower Height Strapping machine

Technical specification for this machin is also same. Only size get change.

 Carton sealer:-
  • Semi Automatic Top   & Bottom Drive

  •  Top & Bottom Adjustable Carton Taping Machine (JP-502)
    Top & Bottom Adjustable Carton Taping Machine (JP-502) http://joinpackmachines.com/images/rpc-05b.jpg
    Technical Specification

    Model FXJ6060
    Power Supply AC 220V (50/60Hz) single phase
    Conveyor Speed 20mtr /min
    Max. Box size 600mm W x 500mm H
    Min. Box size 150mm W x 110mm H
    Width of Tape 2” to 3”
    Power Consumption 0.25KW
    Machine Diamension 1830 x 840 x 1330 mm
    Machine wt. 160

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